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Day Care Centres

What are Day Care Centres?

Day Centres offer a service to aid and support either the elderly or to people with disabilities.  It is a means of social contact and getting involved in stimulating activities for people who find it difficult to look after themselves all day at home.  It’s also a means of daily respite for carers both of a professional and family nature.

Day Care Centre places are often managed through an Adult Services department (please see our Useful Information page for more info) and the centres themselves are usually run by local authorities, voluntary organisations, the NHS and privately run businesses such as Lansdowne Care Services.

Who is Day Care for?

Day care is normally supplied to the elderly and to people with physical and/or learning disabilities and also to people who are in rehabilitation from a mental illness.  Not only does day care aim to stimulate but it also helps to develop the skills needed to live as independently as possible for that particular individual.

What about Lansdowne Care Services Day Care Establishments?

Lansdowne Care Services currently run 3 Day Care Centres of which each is very individual and has it’s own specialities.  We very much focus on stimulatory techniques and activities but also understand how important it is that EVERYONE in society should have the opportunity and an environment conducive to personal growth, independence and self-fulfilment.

Putting people first is our key to success and our unique Service User’s Charter is the basis for our approach to care.  These values specify the right to:

  • Fulfilment
  • Autonomy
  • Health
  • Freedom of emotional expression
  • Responsibility

These values are the heart of Lansdowne Care Services and are applied throughout our range of service whether it be residential or day care.

We also gladly welcome non-Lansdowne Care Residents at our Day Centres to enjoy and benefit from our exceptional services so if you would like to see more then please select from the sites below to view the details of our day care centres:

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