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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on areas that need that extra clarification.  Should what you are looking for not be covered in this section, please feel free to get in contact via e-mail and our team will do our best to answer all you wish to know.

Do you cater for individual requirements such as special dietary needs?

Yes, we cater for any type of special dietary need but choice is offered to those that do not require a special diet also. If a client is not keen on having what is on the menu that day then they will be offered alternatives and will be encouraged to eat what it is they actually fancy on that occasion.

What sort of activities go on at each establishment?

There is a wide range of activities that go on in all our establishments but it entirely depends on an individuals own interests too. Good examples of activities are:

Swimming, Music Sessions, Tea Parties, Attending Local Clubs, Shopping Trips, Theatre Trips, Music Concerts, Country Walks, Pub Visits, Cinema Outings, Cooking, Painting, Film Evenings, Annual Holidays….the list is endless as we try to cater for everyone’s needs where possible.

Can personal belongings be brought into the residential care homes?

Personal belongings and furniture are welcome. The only limitations to the amount is the space available in the room. We feel that it is of the up most importance for our clients to be as comfortable and relaxed in their new environments as possible so having familiar belongings around will only help the settling in process.

Do you have a process for settling in new residents?

Yes we do. Initially we would receive information about a potential new client through a referral which would then be carefully assessed by our own specialist teams. A member of this team would then arrange to meet with the client and their family and an assessment would be carried out to decipher where best to place the individual. A supported visit to the appropriate establishment would then be arranged either to try out a session at one of our Day Centres or to visit for a cup of tea at one of our Care Homes. There is no one set step from here as the stages that we would follow after a first visit would be entirely based on that individual but it would usually take the form of either a gradual built up of longer and longer visits until an overnight stay is a comfortable option or in some cases, gradual change is just not going to be feasible so a quick move in would be the best option here. But the most important point is that it is not structured like this for everyone. Each client will be different and we are sympathetic to that.

Meetings with the client themselves, their family, Social Worker Manager and Keyworker at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year from move in date will also allow us to assess the settling in process of our clients.

Do you have a review system and if so, how does it work?

Yes we do. Lansdowne Care Services takes part in 1 external review per year however we also hold 6monthly internal reviews. The external reviews allow the client, their family, a Reviewing Officer and Lansdowne Care Services staff to discuss the clients progression, what tasks and activities they have been involved in and making sure that everyone involved is happy with the placement. Really, it’s a holistic approach to reviewing the service that we provide.

The 6 monthly internal review sets out the same objectives however the attendees are usually the client, their Key Worker and the Lansdowne Care Services Staff. The 6 monthly internal reviews allows us to gage the progression on a more regular basis.

When can we visit our relative?

You may visit at any time however, we would advise that you ring before hand just to make sure that who you are visiting will be in the establishment at that particular time but we do not have so called ‘Visiting Hours’.

What happens about Doctors and Dentists. Are we responsible for enrolling our relative somewhere close to the Residential Care Home?

If a client has moved out of county or area to attend one of our establishments then the Lansdowne Care Services staff will enrol that individual with a more local Surgery and or Dentist. Over the years we have built up very good relationships with the GP’s and Dentists in the area and we also have access to Twinwoods Clinical Resource Centre in Clapham which is a Bedfordshire and Luton Mental Health and Social Care Partnership NHS Trust providing a range of Mental Health and Learning Disability services .

For further information on Twinwoods Clinical Resource Centre please click here.

Do staff help residents to manage their own money?

Yes we do as we always encourage our clients to be independent in every aspect of their lives however, some individuals will need more help than others so it would not always be the same level of help. A clear audit is also kept of when and what each clients money has been spent on.

What is your complaints procedure and is their open access to staff for queries?

We offer an ‘Open Door’ policy at all of our Lansdowne Care Services sites and will welcome any visits or questions at anytime. It is important that everyone feels comfortable as a move of any kind can be a big change.

Lansdowne Care Services are committed to takeing complaints seriously and action will be taken if the complaint is found to be justified. You are assured that the client or whoever is speaking on their behalf will not be victimised because they have complained.

We assure you that the complaint will be treated with fairness and impartiality. You are entitled to an impartial third party to be present if desired. If necessary we will help you to access appropriate training or an advocate, interpreter or communication support worker to assist you to make your complaint.

For further information on the Lansdowne Care Services policy please click on the links below:

Should you feel the need to make a complaint, please contact the appropriate department or home for support and guidance.

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