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The Burys

The Bury’s, situated in Kempston, Bedfordshire, is a vibrant and comprehensive care facility. Focus on the individual is paramount within this Day Care Centre which allows skills to not only develop, but to be maintained. The Burys is situated in close proximity to local amenities which provides easy access to the community.

This facility has an intended home-feel to it, placing emphasis on developing domestic-based skills and promoting independent living.


  • Sensory Room
  • Internal Based College Tuition
  • Community Interaction
  • Home Skills
  • Garden + Sensory Garden


The Burys is renowned for its teaching of independent living skills. Offering access to structured timetables, skills such as cooking, ironing and road safety are taught and developed depending on the capabilities of each person. All elements of day-to-day living are included, such as money management, community living and personal care. All are considered transferable skills which can be used throughout a clients life.

Your Day

The Burys has a diverse range of activities to choose from and the centre offers innovative programmes to challenge and inspire everyone. The spacious living areas prompt clients to socialise and build friendships
with staff and fellow clients.

The mixture of activity means all clients will set their own objectives and work towards visible outcomes. The Bury’s is an animated place, staff are approachable and committed to offering and delivering a quality service.

For more photographs of The Burys please check out our gallery page.

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