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About Us

Lansdowne Care Services Ltd are a Bedfordshire based provider of services for people with a learning disability who may also have additional or complex needs.

Through our network of services we work with individuals, families and service commissioners to support people within the community in our Residential and Day Care facilities.

Founded in 1985 Lansdowne Care Services Ltd lead the way in social care by becoming Bedfordshire’s first independent provider. Over the decades that have followed we have strived to maintain this leading position in the field of care through the development of innovative services, carefully designed not only to meet the needs of the individual but to also enable them to aspire to and achieve their personal life goals.

Our Values

We believe in putting people first. We believe that people with a learning disability, as everyone else in society, should have the opportunity and an environment conducive to personal growth, independence and self-fulfilment.

Our service centres around five key values that form the basis of our approach to care, specifically:

  • Fulfilment
  • Autonomy
  • Health
  • Freedom of emotional expression
  • Responsibility

Collectively these values are known as our Service Users’ Charter and are applied throughout our range of services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain our position at the forefront of Social Care through innovation of modern practice coupled with traditional good values.

We will achieve this mission by actively working with our clients, their families and people important to them, and other professionals to ensure we develop a range of services that offer diversity, fulfilment of needs and stimulation to enjoy a full and valued standard of living within the community.

We’re different

Lansdowne Care Services Ltd is driven by outcomes. We work with the people who access our services to identify individual “life goals” to enhance the lives of our clients. These are specific, measurable outcomes which allow individual clients to achieve genuine developments in their own lives.

Our LifePlan and Skills for Living programmes, designed exclusively by Lansdowne Care Service Ltd, offer levels of involvement in the care planning and achievement process that make our service stand out from other similar services.  We will continue to be different because we will never cease to innovate.

How to access our service

Due to the individualised and specific nature of the services we offer to our client group our services are generally accessed following a process of referral and assessment to ensure we can offer a service tailored to the needs of the individual.

Initial referrals should be made via our Bedford Head Office, either in writing to our address or via email to info@lansdownecare.com. Referrals should include an overview of the service required and some initial background information. One of our specialised teams will then conduct a detailed assessment to allow us to offer an appropriate level of service to our client.